Current Students

P.K.M., Moniruzzaman P.K.M., Moniruzzaman


Ph.D. Candidate



Stability Behaviour of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Walls Subjected to In-plane Gravity Loading


wancheng Gao, Wancheng Ph.D. Candidate   (2017-)


Strength and Reliability Analyses of Glulam Post-and-beam Moment Resisting Joints


Zhang, Xing Ph.D. Candidate   (2018-)


Seismic performance of timber-steel hybrid shear walls


Giulia Natalini MASc Candidate   (2018-)


Composite action in mass timber floor and beam system connected with self-tapping wood screws


Liang, Zhen


MASc Candidate   (2018-)


Lateral resistance of Midply walls infilled in Japanese Post and Beam structures


Julian Asselstine MASc Candidate   (2017-)


Moment-resisting connections between Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels


Kang, Yuhan MASc Candidate   (2018-)


Size effect on the Mechanical Properties of Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)



Visiting Students


Name Year University
Sun, Xiaofeng (2017-2019) Tongji University, China
Cui, Zhaoyan (2019-) Southeast University, China
Zhang, Qingyuan (2019) Beihang University, China
Andrea Roncari (2019) University of Trento, Italy
Lu, Weijie (2019) Southeast University, China
Tu, Liuhui (2019) Southeast University, China
Zhao, Jing (2019) Southeast University, China








Name Program Grad. Principal Supervisor Co-supervisor Current Position / Affiliation
Shih, Tzu-Hsien M.A.Sc. F. Lam TBA
Liu, JingJing (Eric) Ph.D. May 19 F. Lam Chief Development Officer (CDO), DRAGONDYNA TECHNOLOGY
Nie, Xin (Jason) M.A.Sc. May 16 F. Lam Quality Control Supervisor at Canfor
Ma, Siyao M.A.Sc. May 16 F. Lam Structural Engineer, Equilibrium Consulting Inc.
Lim, Hyungsuk (Thomas) Ph.D. May 16 F. Lam Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University
Li, Yuan Ph.D. May 15 F. Lam Structural Engineer, ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd
Liu, Xiaoqing Ph.D. Jun 13 F. Lam TBA
Huang, Xinlei M.A.Sc. (Civil) Jan 13 Terje Haukaas Frank Lam Junior Civil Engineer
Closen, Maximilian M.A.Sc. Apr 12 F. Lam Managing Director, MyTiCon Timber Connectors Inc., Canada
Gehloff, Maik M.A.Sc. Jul 11 F. Lam Director, SHERPA® Connection Systems North America Inc., Canada
Chang, Feng-Cheng Ph.D. Jul 11 F. Lam J. F. Kadla Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Robertson, Adam M.A.Sc. Jul 11 F. Lam R. Cole Canadian Wood Council, Canada
Chen, Yue Ph.D. Apr 11 F. Lam Staff Engineer, APA-The Engineered Wood Association, USA
Wang, Jasmine B. Ph.D. Apr 10 F. Lam Canadian Wood Council, Canada
Song, Xiaobin Ph.D. Feb 09 F. Lam Lecturer, Tongji University, China
Li, Minghao Ph.D. Jan 09 F. Lam Postdoc Fellow, University of British Columbia, Canada
Hong, Jung-Pyo Ph.D. Apr 08 J. D. Barrett Research Scientist, FPInnovations, Canada
Tannert, Thomas Ph.D. Apr 08 F. Lam Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada
Gu, James Jianzhong Ph.D. Feb 06 F. Lam Lecturer, Thompson Rivers University, Canada
Saravi, Ataallah Ph.D. (EE) Dec 04 P. Lawrence F. Lam Postdoc Fellow, UC Irvine, USA
He, Henry Ming Ph.D. Apr 02 F. Lam Eng. Specialist, Timken, USA
Garcia, Pablo Ph.D. 02 S. Avramidis F. Lam Res. Scientist, Masonite
Clouston, Peggi Ph.D. Nov 01 F. Lam Associate Prof., UMass, USA.
Saboksayr, Hossein Ph.D. (EE) Aug 01 P. Lawrence F. Lam Eng., Cellex power
Lau, Wilson Ph.D. Sept 00 J.D. Barrett F. Lam Scientific Advisor, Rev. Canada
Lu, Congjin Ph.D. Sept 99 F. Lam Software Eng., Sydney plus, Vancouver
N. Mohadevan M.A.Sc. Jun 07 F. Lam Structural Engineer, Klohn Crippen Berger, Vancouver, BC
Anastas, Hiba M.Sc. Jun 07 F. Lam J. D. Barrett Real Estate Agent, Sutton Group (West Coast Realty)
Schmidt, Daniel M.A.Sc. Oct 06 F. Lam H. Prion Instructor, Universidad Mayor, Temuco, Chile
Zhuang, Benjamin X. M.A.Sc. Oct 04 J.D. Barrett F. Lam Eng., FII, Vancouver
Wang, Youhai M.A.Sc. Oct 04 J.D. Barrett F. Lam Project Engeer, Anderson-Peyton, USA
Cafferata, Alicia M.Sc. Jul 03 J.D. Barrett F. Lam Specialist, Nexfor
Schreyer, Alexander M.A.Sc. Nov 02 F. Lam H. Prion Instructor, U. Mass, USA
Chen, Guangji M.Sc. Apr 02 F. Lam S. Avramidis Analyst, Landcor
Gyamfi, Charles M.Sc. Jan 02 F. Lam Deceased
Wang, Sunguo M.Sc. Oct 00 F. Lam S. Avramidis Scientist, ARC
Stefanescu, Maria M.Sc. Apr 00 J.D. Barrett F. Lam Eng., Jager Ind.
Hockey, Blake M.A.Sc. May 99 F. Lam H. Prion Eng., Timber Systems
Durham, Jennifer M.A.Sc. (Civil) Nov 98 H. Prion F. Lam Consulting Eng., RJC, Vancouver
Wang, Jianhe M.Sc. May 98 F. Lam Research Scientist, FPInnovation, Vancouver
Voiculescu, Dragros M.A.Sc. (Civil) Nov 97 H. Prion F. Lam Assistant Prof., UCTB, Romania
Wang, Kaiyuan M.Sc. Sept 97 F. Lam Scientific Avisor, Rev. Canada
Norlin, Peter M.A.Sc. May 97 F. Lam J.D. Barrett Eng., Diab, Sweden
Courchene, Terry M.A.Sc. Jun 96 F. Lam J.D. Barrett Specialist, Sunpine
Yee, Hon M.A.Sc. Dec 95 F. Lam Senior Design Eng., Kier, HK, China










































Former Visiting Students


Name Year Thesis University
Zhang, Jing (17-18) Tongji University, China
Chen, Kongyang (17-18) Southeast University, China
Li, Hongmin (15-17) Flexural Performance of Spliced Beams, Connect and Reinforced with Self-Tapping Wood Screws Southeast University, China
Delabre, Pierre (17) Veyriere Charpentes, France
Lepetit, Nicolas (17) Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines d’Alès, France
Bauer, Lucas (17) ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Liu, Yingyang (14-16) Performance and Design Methodology Study on Glued-Laminated Timber Post and Beam Construction Tongji University, China
Gasparri, Eugenia (15) Prefabricated Timber Façade for Tall Building Politecnico of Milan, Italy
Li, Zheng (13-14) Steel and light wood frame hybrid building Tongji University, China
Horvat, Dominik (13) Stability of CLT column Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Srivaro, Suthon (12-13) Wall panels made from oil palm wood and rubberwood Walailak University, Thailand
Berset, Christophe (12) CLT – Fire resistance interpretation of the fire test ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Winter, Benjamin (12) Mechanically fastened Cross Laminated Timber Berne University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Leyder, Claude (12) Cross-laminated Timber Fire Resistance ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Schaaf, Alexander (10) Strength and Stiffness Properties for CLT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Wang, Hao (08-09) Stability Capacity of Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Assemblies Tongji University, China
Gros, Anthony (04) Behavior of plywood panels used for concrete formwork.
Technical report in partial fulfillment of Practical Training
Univeriste Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
Beck, Katherina (03) The variation of the tensile strength and the modulus of elasticity through the thickness of Oriented strand lumber Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Hergenröder, Björn (03) Conceptual design of a glued-laminated OSB panel GLOP for string shear walls University of Darmstadt, Germany
Jossen, Didier (02) The behavior of Japanese Post and beam wall system Engineering School for the Timber Industry SISH Biel-Bienne, Switzerland
Louvel, Vivian (02) Bending performance of rim-board ENSTIB Epinal, France
Fabbri, Angela (01) Review of engineered wood products University of Florence, Italy
Dietrich, Christine (00) The behavior of a single nail connection under cyclic loading Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Richard, Nicola (99) Timber shear walls with large openings: experiment and prediction of the structural behavior (L.M.T.) Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, France
A., Michaud (99) Testing performances of new flooring panels for dry freight van trailer application Engineering School for the Timber Industry SISH Biel-Bienne, Switzerland
Ellegaard, Peter (99) Moment capacity of metal plated knee joint University of Aalborg, Denmark
Laber, Julia (99) Behavior of Honeycomb wood composites University of Hamburg, Germany
Finckenstein, Georg (99) Earthquake resistant connections for post and beam timber construction Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Wetzel, Peter (99) Innovative earthquake resistant connections for post and beam timber construction Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
A., Schreyer (98) Strength capacities and behavior of a new composite timber-steel connector Fachochshule Wiesbaden, Germany
G., Casaux (98) Behavior of shear walls. (L.M.T.) Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, France
C., Schubert (97) Testing of reinforced bolted connections of PSL under cyclic loading Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
D., Sieber (97) The behavior of nailed sheathing-to-frame connections under static and cyclic load Engineering School for the Timber Industry SISH Biel-Bienne, Switzerland
H., Magnusson (96) Lateral resistance of wood shear walls with openings using oversized oriented strand-board panels Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
M., Norlin (96) Fatigue behavior of LVL subjected to repeated shear stresses Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
Badiou, Sylvain (95) ENSAM Cluny, France
Vazille, Richard (95) ENSAM Cluny, France
Giraud, Nicholas (94) ENSAM Cluny, France
Lamblot, Thomas (94) ENSAM Cluny, France