Current Research Projects

Utilization of Trembling Aspen as Lamstock in Glulam Posts (NSERC ForValueNet)

Localized Rolling Shear Reinforcement of CLT Systems (NSERC NewBuilds)

Modeling Seismic Response of Mid-rise CLT Buildings (NSERC NewBuilds)

Influence of Manufacturing Parameters on CLT Plate to Resist Out-of-plane Loading (NSERC NewBuilds)

Stability of CLT Wall Panels Subjected to In-plane Gravity Loading (NSERC NewBuilds)

Innovative Post-tensioned CLT Walls (NSERC NewBuilds)

Seismic Performance of Mid-Rise Timber Structures – Collapse Prevention (FII Ltd.)


Recently Completed Research Projects


High-strength Wood Composite Material through Nanotechnology (NRCAN Value to Wood Program)

Development of Technology for Cross Laminated Timber Building Systems (FII Ltd.)

Development of High Performance MPB Wood Composites through Nanotechnology (FII Ltd.)

Performance of Glulam Post (CST Innovations Ltd.)

Seismic Performance of Post and Beam Buildings in Japan (Coast Forest Products Association)

Evaluating the In-plane Stiffness and Strength of CLT Floor Diaphragms (NSERC NewBuilds)

Diaphragm Action in Light Wood Frame Platform Construction (NSERC NewBuilds)

Reliability of Timber Structural System under Seismic Loading (NSERC)

Size Effect Adjustment Factor of Glulam (NRCAN Value to Wood Program)

Moment Resistance of Timber Connection Perpendicular to Grain Reinforcements (NRCAN Value to Wood Program)

Performance of OSB, Rim-board, and OSL (Ainsworth Engineered Canada LP)

Study of Production of Laminae and Performance of Laminated Structural Products from BC Coastal Hemlock (FII Ltd.)

Development of Cross Lamination Technology for MPB Engineered Wood Products (FII Ltd.)

Plant Layout, Economic Study of Canadian Cross Laminated Timber Development (MITACS)

Influence of Manufacturing Parameters on CLT Plate to Resist Out-of-plane Loading (NewBuilds)

Development of Advanced System Design Procedures for the Canadian Wood Design Standard (NRCAN value to Wood Program)

Development of Value-added Massive Plate Building Systems (NRCAN Value to Wood Program)



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